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Crossing GaaS with Market Needs: We offer awesome Games as a Service based on continuous Market Research, KPI’s and a strong Focus on Players from Early Stages of Development to Postlaunch. This Way, we ensure to meet Market Needs.

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About Us

Games connect, inspire and bring joy to People around the World. Their Popularity seems to be unbound – the Gaming Sector grows since Deacades. But there are also Downsites: many Gaming Studios have no idea about the Market Potential of their Games. They often develop Games for Years, release and commercially fail.

To reduce this Risk, we develop minimum viable Games based on continuous Market Research, validate their Viability early and continually improve them with Player Feedback. This way we know the Potential of Games long before it is too late and limit the Waste of Resources.

Our Core Values

A healthy Work-Life Balance is Key

We believe that digital work forms like remote work contribute to a good work-life balance, which is in turn essential for a good team spirit and efficiency.

We aim for high Quality

We strive to continually improve ourselves through mutual feedback, continous learning and experimenting to archive games with a high quality.

Agile and iterative Work

We appropriately react to both changing market circumstances and all kinds of constructive feedback especially from our players with the help of agile and iterative work.

We work independently, goal-oriented and transparently

Once decisions have been made we commit to them and work self-determined on solutions. We always focus on our goals, keep each other up to date and support each other.

We learn from Mistakes

We try to learn from mistakes in two steps: We analyse them in lessons learned sessions and derive effective measures to prevent them in future and archieve higher levels of quality.​

We don't shy away from Discussions

We see discussions as an integral part of good decision making. We believe that constructive discussions considering different point of views lead to better decisions.​

Our Games

Swarm of Destiny

Swarm of Destiny is a relaxing and innovative free-to-play idle mobile game for iOS and Android with both strategy and RPG elements made for everyone.
“I’ve never played a game like this” – Mark S. and Yannic R.

“It’s a typical Idle Game, but with pretty new and refreshing content!” – Dennis S.

“This Game reminds me of a strategy game I used to play in my childhood.” – Pauldavid R.


Decades ago, evil minions of a mysterious creature came to harvest the fantasy world of fabulous creatures called „The Swarm“. The time has come to rebuild the ruins of the destroyed fantasy world, let the swarm return from exile and ultimately change their destiny. Dive into this beautiful polygon style game now and be the sole ruler the swarm deserves!


    1. Be a savior: Regain the control over the fantasy world of the  swarm creatures step by step
    2. Be the sole ruler: Unleash powerful skills to defeat the minions of the mysterious creature that caused the destruction of the fantasy world
    3. Get rich: Become a Gem Billionaire! Let your swarm workers idle mine for gems and win fantastic treasures
    4. Get mighty: Let your fighters train to level up and win against the minions of the mysterious creature
    5. Find the perfect strategy: Upgrade mines or fighter buildings? Your decision matters!
    6. Offline Idle Progression: Earn idle profit and let your fabulous fighters level up even when this idle incremental game is closed or you’re AFK
    7. Rebuild, boost and upgrade fighter buildings and gem mines to earn billions of gems and save the world of your swarm
    8. No Paywall: No In-app purchases and only fully optional unintrusive ads. No internet connection required

Actual In-Game Screenshot of "Swarm of Destiny"

Now available for Download:

 Free to Play: no paywall, fully optional unintrusive Ads, no In-App-Purchases.

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